September 2 2017

Chh Chh Changes…

Hello my creative people…

How the hell are you?

It’s been a while… now I hear that song playing in my head… “It’s been a while…”

I’ve been busy spending time with family, busy creating content for Patreon, for YT, rearranging my creative room, revamping how I film videos and my journals–how I have them set up, as well as thinking…

Damn that thinking about things… but it was necessary and much needed. Between my dad having cancer (and dying… it’s now a matter of time and the quality of life while he’s still here), and Mr. Rockstar being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, my world was turned upside down. Mr. Viktor (my 5 year old grandson) started kindergarten. I closed one FB group and changed another to fit what I’d imagine all along–it was a progression… A progression of things that made me challenge myself, change things, and that changed my perspective.

In October my account with Blue Host has to be renewed… the notification came in my email this week… and I thought “Do I want to keep my website? Keep my blog? Do I want to really devote the time, effort, and money into something that has been hit or miss the past year?…” And the answer was yes. YES? Yes! It’s time to get back to me. To the things that bring me joy. To the things that I love and that I enjoy. To doing the things that really matter. And writing, reading, art, blogging, vlogging (well, I’m not a really big vlogger but I do enjoy making videos that inspire and motivate others, videos that are a sharing of thoughts, ideas, how to’s, and what I’ve learned so that I might be able to help someone else). I can do all of that within the space of this website. Share my thoughts, ideas, my videos, my pictures, my creativity, my life (to an extent) right here.

Truth is, I’ve missed blogging, but I kept putting it off. I evaded, avoided, procrastinated. Why? I’m still not quite sure, except that somewhere deep inside myself I was hesitant to put all of this down in writing and then share it… I was anxious, but now I’m past the point of being nervous about it and instead I’m excited about it.

Excited about the changes. So excited that I’ve finally created a YT channel trailer video:

And I’m finally sketching daily thanks to #sketchtember, and prepping for #NaNoWriMo and calling it #preptember, and I’m still on Patreon, still journaling and reading, and drinking coffee and watching mind candy TV movies and shows when I need to Β relax and unwind (or I go for a walk or both).

I’ll be posting more here. It’s time for to get serious about coordinating my blog posts with my YT videos.

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Hello Y'all! I'm a writer, an art journaler, and a coffee addict. I'm working on a novel and chronicling the process and my progress. Grab a cup of Java (or Tea) and sit a spell. :D


  1. By Toni on

    Hooray! Great blog post. Looking forward to many more 😊

    1. By Burgess Taylor (Post author) on

      Thank you. πŸ˜€ I’m going to work on that… but it really did feel good to post on my blog again… πŸ˜€

  2. By Heather Dewey Pettet, Writer/Crafter on

    Awesome! I need to do the same thing, coordinate my blogging and my YT videos (and take the time to film them-but I did make a short one on Wednesday). I did clean up my FB account a little bit so that it looks a little more professional. And, I know what you mean about procrastinating on blogging, especially when it’s personal. But, as writers, we are torn aren’t we, between wanting to tell our stories and wanting to hold back? In the end, helping others is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

    1. By Burgess Taylor (Post author) on

      Thanks. Yes… we are torn, and the ting I’ve found is that the more I procrastinated the harder it became… But after the past two months… And then the eclipse…something in me changed… my perspective changed…I remembered how much I loved blogging. I was blogger before I was ever a YT’er. πŸ˜€ But I’ve got to get the Blog and YT coordinated… So they can work in conjunction with each other. I’ve also been cleaning up my FB… πŸ˜€

  3. By Heather Dewey Pettet, Writer/Crafter on

    I do have a personal FB page that I was trying to make a little more professional, as well as trying to coordinate how I present myself. Hey, do you think it’s a good idea to remove my first couple of YT videos that contained a lot of pauses, stops and starts, stuttering, umms, etc? I have not uploaded any edited videos yet. They are all largely unscripted and not as professional as I would want them to be now.

  4. By Melissa on

    Hey Burgess! Thanks for sharing and being real. I don’t post much in the groups but I’m here and I really appreciate what you share. Thanks for the reminder that when life is moving a warp speed we need to MAKE time for what feeds our soul. I wish you peace in all that is going on around you.

    1. By Burgess Taylor (Post author) on

      Thank you. πŸ˜€ Right now life is at warp speed, or at least it feels like it, but I’ve found that if I don’t make time for what feeds my soul then I am worse… the anxiety is worse, my nerves are beyond on edge… which just makes things worse. My Dad’s birthday is tomorrow. He’ll be 70 years old–I’m pretty sure this will be his last birthday. My family is having a fish fry (get together) for my Dad’s birthday, as well as one of my Uncle’s and another family member to celebrate their birthdays on Saturday the 9th. My daughter and grandson are going to see him Monday for his birthday, and both she and Mr. Rockstar both think I should go tomorrow, but I am just not sure–I feel like I am that lost 7 year old who had lost her daddy and here I am 50 and about to lose my dad. I’ve been blessed… having hbutad two such wonderful father’s, and as much as I want to go tomorrow I also know that I just cannot emotionally handle it. I will go to the Fish Fry and take him a present, visit with him, tell him how much I love him… Mr. Rockstar is just worried that if something happens between Monday and Saturday that I’ll regret not going, but I cannot worry about regrets–I have to also take are of my emotional and mental well being. I’ll call him tomorrow and talk to him, wish him a happy birthday. Tell him how much I love him…
      I know that might seem odd to some, it seems odd to my daughter and my husband, but I believe my dad and mom will understand.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, and for your kind words. πŸ˜€

  5. By iHanna on

    I’m a writer, art journaler, blogger & artist too so I can’t keep to one subject either! But it’s all good, right? Oh and coffee? It’s a must! πŸ™‚

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