October 10 2013

In need of coffee


So I’m writing my outline for NaNoWriMo. It’s almost there, finally. I’m at the midpoint, and rounding towards the 3rd Act, and I’m still not sure that this whole outlining thing is for me but I’m trying. I’m not a big fan of outlining, never have been, even when writing research papers or essays for college. I’d make a basic 5 point outline…Intro, 3 major points, then the conclusion, and that was that. Now that I’m trying to write a novel I find that’s what I’d prefer to do. But writing a novel is different.

Maybe that’s why I like the 3 Act Structure. I can divide my novel into the basics: a Beginning, a Middle, an End. I wrote the synopsis, the basic idea for the ending, a summary of what my novel is about, and then the basic ideas for each Act. And right now, I need MORE COFFEE.

I wonder if other pantsers out there have trouble at the midpoint of their novel. That’s the whole reason I’m working so hard on an outline this go round. Ah well. I’ll be checking out the forums of NaNo soon enough, as well as reading other blogs related to pantsers and plotters. Hopefully this whole outline thing will get easier as I go.

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Hello Y'all! I'm a writer, an art journaler, and a coffee addict. I'm working on a novel and chronicling the process and my progress. Grab a cup of Java (or Tea) and sit a spell. :D


  1. By Aaron Brown on

    The middle muddle is the absolute worst! Coffee does indeed help, though. Good luck on your NaNo journey!

    1. By burgesstaylor7911 on

      Thanks. Working on it in an outline is hard enough, working on the actual novel with or without an outline is hard work. But good writing is hard work. 😀

  2. By Kimberly Hill on

    I too am participating in NaNoWriMo this year and have taken the precaution of buying 3 bags of different flavored coffees. Hopefully that will push me through the month.
    Thanks for the pingback.

    1. By burgesstaylor7911 on

      You’re welcome 😀 I usually get 2 types. and at least 2-3 different creamers. Plus chocolate. I can’t do without coffee or chocolate.

  3. By Debbie on

    Didn’t think I could find the time to NaNoWriMo, but good luck to you. Just wanted to thank you for following my blog! Have a great day!

  4. By Ed Wyrd on

    As a pantser, the middle is the easiest, because by then all the characters know what they’re doing. It’s the beginning and ending I have problems with.

    1. By burgesstaylor7911 on

      I’m the opposite. Once I write that first sentence I’m alright until I hit the midpoint. Then I start floundering. I don’t want to kill anyone off, other characters are screaming at me and waving their arms, and the MC is saying, “Excuse me, but do I have to do that? Are you sure about this?” Kind of thing.